Msgr. Sean Ogle & Gail Golden Casey, Canada 1971

Oral History Collection

Our oral history project is designed for Irish dancers to do something that they never get a chance to do — to reflect on their practice, to consider how our shared cultural history has defined our form, and to unearth what connects us to the collective consciousness of all dancers.

“Because if you have a love for something, it’s like anything, yeah. It’s emotional to me, and it sends me to another world. Just like when you’re dancing, you feel you’re in another world. You’re in the air sort of, you know? You don’t see anything around. You’re just lost to the dance.”  
— Irish dancer, teacher & adjudicator VIVIENNE PENTONy BERGIN

Czechoslovakia, 1972. Image courtesy of James Yeates.

Listen to selected highlights below.

The full collection and transcripts will be available shortly via the Jerome Robbins Dance Division of the New York Public Library.

Selected interviews

Ruth Garrett

Brian Grant from Toronto, Canada

Rose Fearon from Toronto, Canada

Brigid Grant from Toronto, Canada

Patricia Kennelly from San Francisco, California

Richard Griffin from London, UK

Father Michael Johnston from London, UK

Mona Roddy-Lennon from Dundalk, Ireland

Mary Beth Griffith from Connecticut, United States

Paula Woodgate from Toronto, Canada

Caroline Greene Parfery from Glasgow, Scotland

Kathleen Maguire-O'Shea from London, UK

Colin Dunne from Birmingham, UK

Lillian O'Moore from Derry, Northern Ireland

Ambassador Geraldine Byrne Nason

Vivienne Pentony Bergin from Droheda, Ireland

Cara Butler from Mineola, NY

Tom Cashin from Brooklyn, NY

Steve Gallagher from Bronx , NY

Donny Golden from Brooklyn, NY

Winifred Horan from Brooklyn, NY

Patricia McLoughlin from Birmingham, England

Joan McNiff Cass from Belfast, Ireland

Anna O'Sullivan originally from Glasgow, Scotland

Mgr. Sean G Ogle from Queens, NY

Mary Lou Schade from Flushing NY

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